FX Master Kevin Yagher's Crypt Props and more


Kevin Yagher 

*designer and executor of the Chucky Chucky doll from the original Child’s Play,
designer of the HBO Crypt Keeper coxiekpjao101
"re-designer" of Freddy Freddy for A Nightmare on Elm Street 2,
and director of HellraiserHellraiser: BloodlineHellraiser.
Cryptkeeperhas some “Tales from the Crypt” props in his online store,
including the mechanical Cryptkeeper baby understructure
and the two-faced head (Enoch) from Lower Berth,” (which he also directed).
Jon Lovitz's face from "Top Billing":
Lovitz Top Billing
some from "Mournin' Mess":
Mourin Mess
and more..

Other projects he's worked on include Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter
and these:

Kevin Yagher Productions Inc.

We design and create special makeup effects (MUFX) for the film, television and commercial industry. We can create old age makeups, creature makeups and character makeups. We can also build animatronic characters, alien and creature suits as well as animal replicas and effects.

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